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A short reminder: Why OSB Database Adapter returns ORA-01403 when the function return results on SQLPlus

In OSB (Oracle Service Bus) a Database Adapter is a great tool for wrapping a database function and using it as part of a complex process or providing it as a web service. A common practice is that the function returns a table of user defined types (UDT) that can can be read by the adapter.

During the creation of the DB adapter, the oracle user that is used by JDeveloper needs to be granted with permissions for the function and the returned user defined types (the object and the table of the object).

However, during runtime, the OSB Database Adapter somtimes fails with BEA-382500 OSB Service Callout action received SOAP Fault response. Inside the results you can find the following line:

” Cause: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01403: no data found … … nested exception is: BINDING.JCA-11812 or BINDING.JCA-11811

This message can be misleading because many times , running the same function with same user in SQLPlus will return results. Luckily, the solution is simple, in order for the Data Base Adapter to work properly, all you need to do is to grant the user running the db adapter with permission for ALL types used by the function (even internally)
for some reason (maybe a difference between the Oracle Clients), the DB adapter requires permissions on the internal types that are used inside the function while SQLPlus (Toad or plsql Developer) can work without these permissions.