OUI.EXE has stopped working on Windows 2008

If you are trying to install Oracle client on a Windows 2008 server and you get the following error:

OUI.EXE has stopped working
Close the program


For some reason, the Oracle installer is having problem with long directory structures.
To overcome this, you can simply copy the installtion directory to a location with a shorter path.

    1)create a new Temp directory on the root of your drive
    2)copy the installtion files to this directory. it is possible that windows will say that ” you need permission to perform this action”. This could be overcome by turning off the User Account Control (UAC) but a simpler soulution would be to copy the files using the command promptmove “10203_vista_w2k8_x86_production_client” c:\temp\ (weird, but it works)
    3) run the installer from the new location.

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