Oracle enterprise manager is not accepting host logon credentials

When trying to perform backup and other operations using the Oracle enterprise manager, The Oracle Enterprise manager asks you for the host credentials (operating system login). You may get the following error even if you are sure that you provided the correct credentials:

Validation Error
Examine and correct the following errors, then retry the operation:
ERROR: Wrong password for user

To solve this, you need to give the user you are trying to connect with the privilege, “Logon as batch job”.
on windows, go to
Administrative Tools –>
Local Security Policy –>
Security SettingsĀ  –>
Local Policies –>
User Rights Assignments –>
Double click “Log on as batch job” and add the user.

8 thoughts on “Oracle enterprise manager is not accepting host logon credentials

  1. John

    Thank you had this problem for the last one hour… Now I can manage to login succussfully but I still cannot choose/select the files from the list.

  2. Zee

    I am having issues on host credential. I went to administrative tools but could not find local security, no the security policies or local policies

  3. Asaf Tal Post author

    @Zee, what operating system are you using? which version?
    for example, Group Policy is not included in Windows 7 Home Premium.only on Pro versions.

  4. James

    Thank you for spreading the news, much apipecrated. Please note that the name was changed to “Oracle Linux” two years ago, it’s no longer “OEL”

  5. Stefan

    Excellent article, I was really wondering why an Administrator was not accepted by EM…
    Clearly the error message should have been clearer….

    Thank you for helping me out !

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