Installing Oracle on a machine with DHCP

During Oracle installation on a windows machine that is configured to use DHCP in order to obtain its IP address, the Following message will probably be displayed:

Checking Network Configuration requirements …
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
Problem: The install has detected that the primary IP address of the system is DHCP-assigned.
Recommendation: Oracle supports installations on systems with DHCP-assigned IP addresses; However, before you can do this, you must configure the Microsoft LoopBack Adapter to be the primary network adapter on the system.  See the Installation Guide for more details on installing the software on systems configured with DHCP.

As the error message say, this due to the fact that you are trying to install Oracle on a machine that is using DHCP to obtain its IP address. You can still install oracle on a machine without a constant IP address. All you need to do is configure the LoopBack adapter:

Install the Loopback adapter
1)     Go to the control panel and choose add hardware
2)    The Add Hardware wizard will be displayed, click Next
3)    Choose “Yes, I have already connected the hardware” and click Next
4)    An hardware list will be displayed. Navigate to the bottom of the list and choose “Add new hardware       device”
5)    Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advance)”
6)    Choose “Network adapter”
7)    Choose “Microsoft” on the left side of the window and “Microsoft Loopback Adapter” on the right             window”
8)    Click Next and verify that Microsoft Loopback Adapter is about to install and click next again and       finish.

Configure the loop back adapter
1)    Go to control panel – network connections, you will see a new network connection.
2)    Choose “local area connection 2” (the name may vary but basically it is the one we just added) and       click properties.
3)    Click on tcp/ip and then properties.
4)    Enter an IP address and a subnet mask (you can use and subnet

Go to network connection and click on Advanced settings under the Advanced menu and verify that the loopback adapter is in the first one. (Update: it look like this step is optional because it seems to work in most cases anyway)

Now you can continue your oracle installation.

22 thoughts on “Installing Oracle on a machine with DHCP

  1. Lindseylot

    Thanks! Although on the Configure the loop back adapter part it is slightly different on the 1st step ‘coz its: Control Panel – Network Connections. 🙂 Not really a big deal… Thanks again!

  2. admin Post author

    You are right. While it may not be a big deal, I like it to be accurate as possible. Fixed.

  3. whit

    1st off I’m on windows 7 and thus have a problem installing 11g normally. So used run programs like previous program which is vista. Everything comes back find besides the DHCP failure. Tried install guide and your suggestions but still receiving the same result.

  4. miki

    Great explanation. This solution, especially the ending part regarding network configurations, worked when others I found did not.

  5. Scott

    Please explain further:
    “Go to network connection advanced and verify that the loopback adapter is in the first one.” Thanks!

  6. admin Post author

    @Scot, if you go to the control panel, chose Network Connection and click on the Advanced menu item. you will get to the Adapters and Bridges tab. The connection you just created for the loop back adapter should be on top.
    Thinking about it, I don’t remember a case that this wasn’t the case so maybe this step is optional.


    Thanky you for this simplest thing I have searched the entire Oracle manuall unnecessarily. My rating is first for this website

  8. Anthony

    Thanks for these life saving instructions.

    But I could not understand
    “Go to network connection advanced and verify that the loopback adapter is in the first one.”

    There are many advanced dialogs, none of which has an order that I could find (XP)

    It seemed to work anyway.

  9. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comment Anthony,
    This is Advance -> Advanced Setting – Adapters and Bridges tab. I just fixed this.
    Anyway, it looks like this step is optional because it seems to work anyway.

  10. Nikhil Mehta

    Thanks a lot… You are just genios.. i tried all most everything i can.. all of sudden i got this article.. 100000 times thanks…

  11. ZeeMan

    Great. This article helped me remove the warning that OI had on detecting DHCP. Thanks.

  12. shivam

    Excellent explanation !!!
    really worked on 1st attempt

    Actually my oracle was working fine but after installing VMware server I got this problem. .
    now both r wrking fine

    Thanx for sharing this!

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